General Rules & Regulations for both the Competitions

  1. One film / story per individual or group is the maximum submission. In case it is found that any participant has submitted more than one entry, all entries will be considered as invalid.
  2. The film / story must be the original work of the applicants. If found plagiarized, the participant will be disqualified.
  3. Submission must have its own unique title.
  4. The applicant will be wholly responsible for matters related to copyright issues with regard to the content being submitted to XIC for competition. TPV will not be liable for any legal cases related to copyright issues of the submitted entries with regard to music, script and other creative and technical aspects of film / story.
  5. No previous published work (in print or digital) will be accepted.
  6. Language should not be vulgar, offensive or affect communal sentiments.
  7. Participants are to make sure that their Profile is accurate and updated since XIC would be using this for further communication. This includes details such as name, photo, complete postal address, email ID and phone number. Entries with incomplete profiles will not be considered.
  8. The finalists will be announced on the XIC website and contacted via email.
  9. The decision of the Jury is final and cannot be challenged. XIC will not in any way whatsoever provide justification and / or comments regarding the reasons for non-selection.
  10. Furthermore, the applicant undertakes to indemnify and keep XIC indemnify and keep XIC indemnified against all liabilities, claims, demands, actions, costs, damages or loss arising out of the submission, acceptance and/or screening of the short film / story and/or use or non-use of the material.
  11. XIC, as well as any of its fiscal sponsors and affiliated entities, is not responsible for any damage to, or loss of, any materials submitted by the applicant, whether that damage occurs enroute to or from the competition or during the course of the competition's possession, any loss caused to the film / story material or otherwise, in or during the Competition.
  12. XIC reserves the right to use materials received or their part for advertising purposes and for promoting, campaigning and creating awareness. After the competition, we encourage participants to share their film / story freely.
  13. All disputes are subject to Mumbai (Maharashtra) jurisdiction only.

Guidelines - The Great Storytelling Race

Theme of the Story

The one thing that stands out in our beautiful country, is its diversity, steeped in its rich culture and cherished heritage. Every state, district, city, village has a story told or waiting to be told: thriving traditions, dying traditions, reviving traditions, revolutionised traditions-that grandmother's recipe with a secret ingredient, that age-old occupation that has been lost due to modern practices or has been improved with the same, that unique dye colour, that unmatched skill, that grove or plantation, and so on, the cultural archive increases.

XIC wants to discover this story and The Great Storytelling Race at Ikshana 2022 is the opportunity to showcase it. Write this story, presenting the person/people in their settings and identifying and decorating their unique contribution to our diverse Indian heritage.

Guidelines for the Story

  • Story should be true to fact, and presented in a creative narrative where people, setting and story arc will be techniques to showcase the theme.
  • Story should be unique, off-beat, something that one is yet to learn, or know of.
  • Story must be accompanied with photographs and captions that reinforce the narrative.
  • Story should have an appropriate title/heading, and/or auxiliary heading.
  • Word limit 750-1000 words, set in Times New Roman, 12pt size for English and 14pt for Hindi.
  • Upload your story in a PDF format and email to us on

Evaluation Criteria

  • Evaluation of story will be based on idea, characterization, presentation of storyline, development of story, coherency of thought, flow and rhythm.
  • Use of vocabulary, phrases (use of idioms, proverbs as appropriate to the writings) adapting to the narration and style (narrative technique).

Guidelines - Short Film Making

  1. The duration of the short movie must be five (05) minutes or less, including the scores. Films exceeding this time limit are liable to be rejected.
  2. The short film can be made in any language. All languages other than English must be subtitled in English.
  3. Participants are encouraged to use original music. In the event of using any other music, you are expected to give due credit to the persons concerned. You may also use free music available online.
  4. The short film can be shot on any electronic device.
  5. The short film must not have been released on any other platform or competition.
  6. The short film must be in mp4 format.
  7. The short film must be submitted exclusively online. It should be uploaded from the user dashboard of XIC. Be sure to submit the film's title and the primary contact's name and email address with the entry.
  8. Entry constitutes permission to use the winner's name, likeness and voice for future advertising and publicity purposes without additional compensation. Credits will be given to the film maker.
  9. Once submitted, a film can't be withdrawn. The Jury reserves the right to disqualify any film, including any deemed vulgar, pornographic, demeaning and/or offensive.
  10. All expenses related to making of the film will be borne by the participants.
  11. The applicant is duly authorized, on his/her behalf and on the behalf of any person or entity that has ownership rights in the work, to submit a film to the Competition. The applicant further declares that this submission is not in violation of any law nor violates any rights of said person or entity or that of any third party in any manner whatsoever.
  12. Upload final film (mp4 format) on your Google Drive, and share the link with us on